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The DRSD is a dedicated group of volunteers working to provide care and new homes for unwanted, abandoned and needy Dachshunds. We are a breed specific rescue.

Whenever possible the Dachshund Rescue of San Diego offers shelter, medical attention, and a caring environment for unwanted and needy Dachshunds until a suitable replacement home is found for them. The Dachshund Rescue DOES NOT breed rescue dogs, sell rescue dogs for profit, or release a rescue dog for any form of research.

Our goal and objective is to place rescue dogs into caring and loving environments and enhance the love of the breed. Any actions contrary to those stated above should be brought to the attention of the Dachshund Rescue of San Diego and the San Diego Dachshund Club.

Please adopt me

The dogís character, temperament, health and physical condition represented by the Dachshund Rescue of San Diego are in good faith. The new owner(s) will agree to release, hold harmless and forever discharge the Dachshund Rescue of San Diego, itís directors, officers, agents, members, employees and volunteers from any and all claims arising from adoption of any dog.

As we approach our sixth year of operation over 500 Dachshunds have been adopted through the DRSD. This does not include the scores that have benefited by our referrals or the assistance we have provided.

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