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Please read the following section in its entirety
before submitting your application.


Awaiting adoption

All waiting list applicants will be entered into the waiting list database for a period of 60 days. After 60 days the applicant will be purged from the list.

Please contact us if you wish to remain on the active list for an additional 60 days, obtain a dog from another source, or wish to be removed from the active waiting list. Due to the high volume of applicants we are not able to contact each applicant after the form is submitted. The DRSD works primarily in the San Diego county area. Applicants outside of the San Diego area have a reasonable chance of obtaining a rescue dog providing they meet all qualifications and adequate transportation arrangements can be made.

Answer all questions on the application. At the end of the form is an area for additional comments. The information you provide will be used for matching a dog with a new potential home. Unanswered questions on incomplete information may lead to your application being passed up when dog becomes available.

Adopted and happy


As rescue dogs become available they are matched with individuals on the current list, based on the information provided.

An individual’s position on the list does not necessarily dictate the order of notification. The list is used to help match dogs with new homes.

—— Here is our adoption form which you can print
as a guide for the form which will be filled out and signed at the actual adoption of a dog.


All available records on the dog will be provided to the new owners. In some cases the dogs will be licensed and/or micro-chipped.

The DRSD DOES NOT release AKC or Pedigree papers. You are adopting an altered pet and companion. If pedigree and registration are of importance, we will provide a list of responsible breeders that will be more than willing to sell you a quality pedigree dog.


All dogs adopted from the DRSD are spayed or neutered.


$50 to $75 is the nominal requested donation fee for an older adult dogs 9 years or older. Dogs ranging in age 4 and up may be between $75 to $200. Very young dogs under two years of age or puppies are not commonly found in rescue.

The fee for them can go as high as $300. Fees are also based on the dog’s general health and may include additional expenses incurred by the DRSD.

Donation fees are established after the dog has entered into the rescue program, been evaluated and cared for medically. You will be informed of the required adoption donation fee when contacted.


The DRSD reserves the right to refuse adoption to any individual for any reason it deems fit. Each dog is evaluated for temperament and social behavior. These findings are taken into consideration when selecting new owners.


Carefully consider all aspects this new family member will have on your life. They need you every day for the rest of their life. Proper medical attention, exercise and diet are a must. What you get back in return is unconditional love, affection and companionship.

A reasonable trade off.

To get on the waiting list
to adopt a dachshund
Fill Out This Form.

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