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Please don't put me in the pound.

If your dog was purchased from a breeder, contact them first. A responsible breeder will want to help.

The Dachshund Rescue of San Diego is a BREED SPECIFIC rescue. We can only accept Dachshunds.

We reserve the right to refuse accepting any dog into the rescue program that may pose a liability to the rescue volunteers or the organization.


Plan ahead if you "intend" to place a dog into the rescue program. We may not be able to respond to your need immediately. The rescue volunteers work full time jobs and it may take time to respond. Plan on one - two days for a call back.

Space is limited and there may not always be room for the dog. Whenever possible it may be best for the dog to stay with the owner until a new home is found or a foster location becomes available.

Don’t wait until the last minute. It can be a difficult and emotional decision to relinquish a pet. Make the arrangements with us in advance to prevent unnecessary complications.


We will obtain detailed information about the dog when you contact us. This information is needed for the Release Form that must be signed by the owner when the dog is released.

It is necessary that all information is accurate. If a dog has problems, we must know about them. It is also important for the new owners to be informed.

Dogs with severe medical or behavioral problems may not be accepted into the rescue.

—— Here is our release form which you can print
as a guide for the form which will be filled out and signed at the actual release of the dog.

A healthy dog has all his shots


It is mandatory that all dogs entering rescue are current on vaccinations. Other dogs will be exposed to yours at the rescue locations.

If you can not provide vaccination records we will coordinate getting the dog vaccinated prior to entering rescue.

Do not self-treat dogs for fleas, worms etc., with over the counter medications without discussing it with us first. In many cases we will want to have the condition checked by one of our vets and professionally treated.


Obtain your dog’s records from your veterinarian. They will be turned over to us when the dog is placed into rescue. The medical history of the dog is important in placement. In some cases, arrangements can be made to have the records released to the Dachshund Rescue. This may take some time, so be prepared.

If no records are available, you may be required to have the dog seen by a veterinarian prior to release. We work with several veterinarian offices and may refer you to one.

AKC, pedigree, or other associated paperwork and documentation must be provided when the dog is released into rescue.


All dogs adopted from the Dachshund Rescue of San Diego will be spayed or neutered. If your pet is not currently altered, consider having it done prior to placing it into rescue. If the dog is placed into rescue unaltered, we will require a fee to have the procedure done.


It is the owner’s responsibility to transport the dog to the rescue location. Transporting the dog to the rescue location may take a few days to co-ordinate. In special circumstances, we can arrange to pick up the dog or arrange for a pick-up location.


Please honor appointment times for releasing or adopting a dog. Contact us as soon as possible if your appointment must be changed.

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